Chocolate Lovers and Obesity

Chocolate Lovers and Obesity

By ric dalberri

Did you know that chocolate is probably the most popular of all sugars? How does chocolate influence you? Mood, health, is it good for you or unhealthy?

The Different Chocolates

Chocolate has different faces if you will. Dark, white, milk chocolate. What’s the difference? Dark chocolate has sugar, cocoa and butter. White and milk chocolate have flavorings, vegetable fats and milk solids. It just doesn’t matter because any chocolate gives pleasure to those who indulge.

Chocolate and Nutritional Values.

We the people just love chocolate. We have T.V. Shows with chocolateers. We make movies, Willie Wonker and the Chocolate Factory. We love chocolate. Many have different views as to it’s nutritional value. Calories, you bet. Lots of them.

Every time we bite into a piece of chocolate something happens. We feel good. That should say something to keep us eating it.

Chocolate or Aphrodsian?

In 600 AD, chocolate have been the number one seller of sugury candy. It is also known to be an aprodsiac. It is a energy booster. Plain and simple, chocolate is number one.


Obesity has become a ‘big’ ( no pun intended) problem in this country. It contributes to health, mental, emotional problems. The insurance companies need to give attention to this growing problem. Of course chocolate is on the list to help us grow fatter. Of course there are more factors as well.

Are There Positives?

Of course. There are positives and negatives with all things. Dark chocolates are said to have benefits for the heart due to the ‘flavanol’ which help the circulation. It helps the the ‘good’ cholesterol as well.

No matter what we do, we have choices, don’t we. Even if we don’t make a choice, we really made a choice. That choice is not to choose. Who knows, maybe we can use chocolate for our therapy or stress levels, good health. Keep in mind, everything in moderation.!