Creating a Legal Will

Creating a Legal Will

April , 2008

Ric Dalberri, Founder of Retirement USA

Is There A Lot To Creating A Legal Will?

Whether you are creating a legal will by yourself or using
an, attorney creating a legal will is something you will need to do some time
in your life.

A basic will should be in effect, should the inevitable

Creating a legal will is easy or complicated. There are
different types of wills.

When Creating A Legal Will, What
Type Should I Create?

1) Creating a legal will known as a simple will. This is
used for non complicated estates.

2) Creating a legal will known as a Living Will This is used
to inform medical personnel your wishes if you become incapacitated or need
life support. This is completely separate from other wills.

3) Creating a legal will known as a Joint Will. Spouses can
write a will together. This is not something you want to do if your estate is
over $700K.

4) Creating a legal will known as a Nuncupative Will. This
is a spoken will or oral will, not written. Not many States will recognize

5) Creating a legal will known as a Holographic Will. This
is a will written in the hand of the testator and not witnesses.

6) Creating a legal will known as a Pourover Will. This is a
will that leaves some or all of your assets in a trust that has already been
created before your death.

7) Creating a legal will known as a Testamentary Trust Will.
This will sets up trust funds ( one or more) where your assets will be
distributed after your demise.

When creating a legal will, you must
be of sound mind and body.

So, consider your creating a legal will, that it states a
purpose, has distribution of assets, a personal representative (Executor) and
the type of will as mentioned above.

Age, when creating a legal will is important. Some states
allow for individuals to be under 18 with certain circumstances. You must check
with the individual State or with a qualified attorney. If you are not sure if
anyone will contest your will and there maybe a chance, see your attorney and
be sure to have witnesses. Many Notaries will not notarize a will. So, be sure
as to having those witnesses.

Creating a legal will is one of the smartest things you can
do in your life no matter how much or how little you have. This will help to
slow down or eliminate the crazy things people will do or say when fighting
over possessions. One thing that will make your will almost unbreakable and
undeniable is if you create a video will as well.

As time goes on, you must keep up with any changes you may
have incurred. As an example: different assets, moving to another State. Be
sure to check with that State laws as to your creating a legal will.

Creating a legal will can be nerve racking. If you check
with a qualified attorney who specializes in wills and trusts, you will find
that creating a legal will with this attorney is not that expensive and you
will have peace of mind as to your wishes.