Dog Separation Anxiety

Dog Separation Anxiety

By ric dalberri

What happens to your dog when you are at work or away from home for an extended period of time? If you have a nanny cam, you will be able to see exactly what goes on, usually dog separation anxiety. Most of us don’t have this in our homes. Is there more than one dog in the household? Some questions to contemplate are:

Do you provide toys or other items for your dog to play with and be entertained?

Is there ample room to exercise and move around?

Do you have a doggie door so your dog can go in and out of the house on its own?

Being home all day in silence and isolation can bring feelings of abandonment and can lead to unwanted behavior because of dog separation anxiety. Just think if you had to be home alone with no T.V, radio, telephone or another individual and nothing to do except be in the same area as your pet has with the same water, small bed or floor. You can’t read, do puzzles or get on the computer and you can’t leave the house because you don’t have a doggie door to go through. Now what? You can’t go to the bathroom. You have to hold it until someone comes home to walk you. As you feel anxiety, so does your dog known as dog separation anxiety.

So, let’s entertain some thoughts on how to keep your pet from dog separation anxiety. First, you must eliminate the silence that fills the air when left home alone. You can leave the radio on a channel that had both talk and music so it creates different sounds. The best music to play is soft soothing music (not heavy metal) just as you would like to listen too. Something like you hear when getting a massage. (What! You haven’t ever had a massage? Make an appointment right now). Of course you also have the T.V. This can help dog separation anxiety by the different sounds and the changing of the picture.

Be sure to have your pets favorite toys or object(s) available for them to pick up, shake, gnaw, bite or toss. Most toys today also have a inner compartment to store doggie (healthy) treats for them to try to get at.

Of course you can’t beat companionship. If you can’t afford a neighbor or dog walker to stop by during the day, consider a second dog as a companion. You might see if there is a retired neighbor that is willing to stop by during the day which may give them something to do and look forward to. A win-win situation. You want to have your dog a happy pet without dog separation anxiety.

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