Free Retirement Speeches

Free Retirement Speeches

Ric Dalberri, Founder of Retirement USA

Good evening ladies and germs. Ha. Do you remember those
silly speeches that began with that salutation? Free retirement speeches are
really something of importance and should not be opened with such a

Free retirement speeches should include the old (no pun
intended to being old due to retiring) who, where, and when. Your free
retirement speeches should also include what and how and the why factor. This
should be an opportunity to pay a tribute to the retiree and thank the valued
staff member who has made a meaningful contribution to the company from which
they are retiring from.

Here is an example of free retirement speeches you can refer

Good Evening, (morning, day, etc.), Ladies and

It certainly is an honor to be here to give honor to (Insert
name of person retiring) a ( man or lady) of note. (Retiree name)  first
came to (company name) in (date).  I’m sure you all heard the story when
(here is the time to insert a great, funny or touching story that took place when
they were new that has lasted over the years).  It is a story like this
that epitomizes the kind of person (retirees name) is and (retirees name)
contribution to (company name) as well as to each of us.

We, at (company name), are fortunate to have had the opportunity
and privilege of sharing (retirees name) commitment, expertise, work ethic as
well as (his or her) friendship.  As you may know, (retirees name), has
achieved countless awards, goals and accolades.

There are really too many to mention.

However, let me share one with you now. (in a very short
story, discuss a high point, award or achievement).

(Retirees name as you look and acknowledge him or her), you
have given us a remarkable legacy which will stay with us for years to come.
You are certainly leaving (company name) a better place due to your tremendous
career which is a tribute to you. (Insert here a few of the contributions the
retiree has made).

We will miss you. You have been professional, a colleague, a
confidant, an individual who has been there when needed, a leader and a great
(gentleman or lady).

As you embark on your new journey, may the years be filled
with  happiness and laughter. Remember us as fondly as we will remember
you. Our toast to you is so long for now but not farewell. Please stand and
join me in our toast to (retirees name). Lift glass, (turn to retiree and
say……to you…..repeat retirees name)

Free retirement speeches need a personal touch. Touch base
with other colleagues to get some great stories you can incorporate. As you deliver
your free retirement speeches, keep eye contact regularly with the retiree as
you speak to your audience. Public speaking is very high on fearful things to
do, if not number one.  Practice your free retirement speeches (even in
front of a mirror or a willing person).

One of the ‘old’ tricks to public speaking is to visualize
your audience in their underwear (?). Be poised and confident. Speak to your
audience and the guest of honor and not at them. Once you’ve finished, toast
yourself for a job well done with your free retirement speeches.