Personal Stories of Debt Free Individuals

Personal Stories of Debt Free Individuals

By ric dalberri

Each story is an individual one. Most going through this dilema are under tremendous stress Financail stress is the number one cause for ruined relationships. It changes your stability. So, in turn many others have experienced the same dilema.
Searching Stories:

Many many years ago, there was a T.V. Show called the ‘Naked City’. It strated out with the announcer saying: “There Are Eight Million Stories in the Naked City’. In other words if indiduals are willing to ‘bare it all’ in their life stories ( not literally a show with nude people) you can benefit from their experiences.

Now how you want to read about other experineces is up to you. Magazines, books, audio (tapes on books). Which ever you choose, you must keep the direction of achieving your goals in front of you.

What Do I Achieve From This:

Why do people join support groups? For support. Reading other people’s plights and how and what they did may help you to decide what direction to go.

An additional reason you should read about others is that it will keep you motivated. It proves that you too can get out of financial difficulties.

If you are not alone and have a partner in life, you should read some of the stories together. This will also help you bond what you need to achieve together. The idea here is to work as a couple putting your lives back together again. You can have different assignments to achieve your goals and take the complete burden off one person. You can continue to communicate and not place the blame as you see others in the same boat.

Keep Your Focus:

Once you have experienced this you can stay focused for the future not to fall back into the same habits that got you there in the first place. Write out the steps that got you in debt. You will be very grateful as you look back in the days to come.