Pet Rescue

Pet Rescue

By Ric Dalberri, Founder of Retirement USA

Pet rescue can be a tricky business.
There are many different kinds of pets that need pet rescue.
Have you decided what kind of pet you want to rescue?
Most of us think pet rescue is exclusively dogs and cats.
That’s simply not true. Here’s just a few of the kinds of pet rescue that can be rescued.
Aquarium fish, birds, butterflies, goats, horses, insects, pigs, rabbits, reptiles, turtles.
Along with your decision to rescue a pet comes, the question – what kind of pet?
Couple that with the questions, young, old, healthy, special needs, temporary foster or permanent care pet rescue?
Some of the questions you’ll have to answer will self dictate the answer. For example, do you live on a farm? In a small apartment? Are you looking for personal companionship?
What kind of pet rescue will fit best with your family? Multiple pets? Just one? Is budget a consideration?
Do you want a mixed breed or purebred? Who knew there would be so many choices?
There’s no shortage of information available about each variety when it comes to pet rescue.
Do your homework. Books, DVD’s, and lots of websites offering species information as well as adoption and pet rescue information.
It’s imperative to know what you’re looking to accomplish when it comes to pet rescue. Make a list of the pros and cons of each species you may be considering. Ask your friends. Go on a website and read its blog about pet rescue. You’ll be amazed at the information you’ll learn. Ask a veterinarian. And very importantly, when it comes to pet rescue, can you meet the needs of the pet you’re considering.
Once you’ve made your selection, everyday, keep in mind that responsible pet rescue and ownership depends on YOU! It also is a known fact that having a pet in our senior years can be uplifting emotional as well as having a health benefit to you.