Retirement Housing

Retirement Housing

By Ric Dalberri, Founder of Retirement USA

What really affects retirement housing?
When it comes to retirement housing, location is everything! You’ve heard these words before in real estate, location, location, location. How true with any purchase of real estate, particularly in this market where experts say it can take as long as 10+ years to get back what many paid for their homes. Florida is vast in different retirement housing and retirement area’s.
Florida can be upscale, quiet & laid back. With culture or with transportation or not. Shopping close by or miles away. Rural or city. Exciting or not.
Water is all around Florida and within Florida. Do you like boating, fishing or water sports? Living close to the water brings with it as anything, it’s own challenges. For example, flooding, hurricanes, mold, corrosion, gators. Do you want to live in a retirement housing community?
There is a false idea that Florida is only for retiree’s. The median age is in the 30-40′s. Do you like golfing, swimming, tennis? It’s available all year. If you move to a tourist area, expect traffic & extra lines when going out.
As far as the weather is concerned, most of the year it’s beautiful. During the summer, particularly June, it rains most every afternoon for a bit then the sun is out again. The winter can get to freezing (many don’t realize this) and is welcomed by many residents. From June 1 through November 30 is hurricane season. What protections do the retirement housing community you are looking at provide for you?
Visit different retirement housing communities.
As location is important, so is research. Go visit the area’s you’re interested in. Buy the local papers and visit the Chamber of Commerce as well as the Police station to check out the crime. Get in touch with the State itself for it’s demographics. They’ll be happy to send you info.
Purchasing Your Retirement Housing ,Condo, single family, town home, manufactured home, attached home, one level, two levels? Will you purchase in a development with cookie cutter style homes known also as tract housing? Will it have a home owners association ? Yes it will. What are it’s rules and regulations? Some dog breeds are not allowed or pets over a certain weight. What color do you like your house painted? It may not be a color the association approves. Do your homework.
When it comes to retirement housing, location is everything!
There can be many restrictions from zoning (with only a certain number of acres per house to zero lot lines). You may have a trailer home, oops, a manufactured home next to you on the next lot. How about a condo unit? Outside your walls is common area’s which belong to everyone. So if there is a problem or additional work to be done and it’s not in the budget, you will be assessed and it will be shared with all owners.
Find out what is included in the retirement housing community.
Always be sure that there are no special assessments coming up for future payments. Have an inspection done by a qualified home inspection service. You can get an idea of what you’re in for even though the real estate is being sold ‘as is’. See if the homeowner is willing to hold paper…Some of the mortgage.
Be sure what is included in the sale of the property as you walk around. Take pictures, notes, ask questions. You can always negotiate the real estate agent’s commission. You never know if you don’t ask.
Once you’ve closed and you now own before you move you’re your retirement housing, the advice is to have it professional cleaned from top to bottom and have it professionally exterminated. Also be advised that there is a Homestead Exemption for your Real Estate Taxes.
You must apply by a certain date to get the exemption for the year. So, I.E: If you move into your home in August, you have Jan – March to apply. Unfortunately it will not apply to the year you moved in, but the following full year which is a $25,000 exemption. When you’re 65yrs you can apply for additional exemption or if blind, etc.
Enjoy your screened patio as you soak in your hot tub with a glass of wine. You deserve it. You deserve your retirement housing to be all that you want, need and more!