Retirement Investing

Retirement Investing


By Ric Dalberri, Founder of Retirement USA

How many times have you heard people speak of investing in
the stock market? They talk about selling short or long, putts & calls. How
they bought a ‘penny’ stock & sold for ‘a killing’. You have to admit, it
has a romanticism to it. Wall street is an exciting place where Billions (with
a B) are trading every day. Some millions are gained and some are lost.

For most, Wall Street is a place in the movies or what we
read about in the newspaper. If you ever get the opportunity, go visit Wall

You will be amazed. It is a frantic experience.

Baby Boomers are risk takers. That’s why this country has
progressed to where it is today. Are you? If you decide to invest in the stock
market, you must do your due diligence. You could be a very successful investor
or you may bring financial ruin to yourself and family. Remember Bernie and his
Ponzi scheme?

With today’s electronic world, you can do trading online
with just a few clicks of the mouse. Imagine with one click you can go broke.
So here lies your Caviot. Do your home work, speak with professional investment
counselors, CPA’s, tax attorneys, bankers and the like.

Some of the advantages of being online with your financial
information are:

.. Your bank balances are only a few clicks away & your
investments are there for you on a daily basis. You can have updates emailed to
you. This type of investing can raise your awareness or lower your tolerance
when you see what’s happening on a daily or hourly basis.

… Online services have lowered trading fee’s and made it
more convenient for you. However, by not meeting with a broker, you may loose
contact with their expertise.

… Warning! Your online trading can become not only
entertaining but also obsessive. Rather than putting your money into an
investment that will meet your long term goals, you may look to do short term
more risky investments.

. The sudden interest in online trading has made more people
knowledgeable about the stock market and what their money is doing. There is no
downside to becoming educated about this important part of your financial


As with anything in life, common sense and balance is
crucial not to let yourself be obsessed with investing. Baby Boomers have a lot
of time on their hands and often find themselves without enough money at the
end of the month. So, it’s easy to see online investing as a way to supplement
their income. Be careful….You may loose it all.

If there was any mantra, we must have about investing,
especially if we are using online tools, it is, be prudent and be informed.

There is no
replacement for getting some education and doing some comprehension into the
workings of the stock market and into the strategies that are most likely to be
a success for you.

The stock market is no place for get rich quick schemes
because they are more likely to result in  get poor quick out comes.

But for the smart baby boomer who does his or her homework
and knows what they are doing and gets good advice from investment analysts
that know the market, online investing can become a good addition to your
financial planning arsenal and be a lot of fun for you as well.