Retirement Planning Counselor

Retirement Planning Counselor


By Ric Dalberri, Founder of Retirement USA

What exactly is a retirement planning counselor and how can
they help me plan my retirement?  There are many designations after names
on business cards, each rendering a different meaning in their professional
field. For a retirement planning counselor, a designation such as:

C.F.A. (Chartered Financial Analyst)

C.P.A. (Certified Public Account)

C.F.P. (Certified  Financial Planner)

C.I.M.A. (Certified Investment Management Analyst)

Ch.C.F. (Chartered Financial Consultant)

The process to reach one of the designations as a retirement
planning counselor involves intense, demanding study to take and pass a
grueling exam. It doesn’t end there. A retirement planning counselor must
continue with C.E. (continuing education ) credits to uphold his or her
certification and state / federal licensing.

This tedious process is also expensive costing thousands of
dollars to complete. So, usually, anyone with a designation (list above) as a
retirement planning counselor has earned it just as a doctor or attorney  through hard long hours and work.

Most individuals seeking a retirement planning counselor
designation will take classes either at a college/university or online. Don’t
think because some courses taken online might be easier, they’re not! The exam
is given 2X per year and is a 2 day 10 hours per day test. Do you remember when
you used to complain about homework lasting more than 15 minutes?

Well, this exam is so intense that 50% fail the first time
out as many attorneys or other professionals do. The retirement planning
counselor may retake the exam that is given in about 150 different locations
around the U.S.

The program is not a simple 1-2-3 step process. It takes 2-3
years and you must have prior experience (3-5 years) in the field of retirement
planning. The field of retirement planning counselor has become more a matter
of managing money and offering objective advice and guidance.

Just remember, no one as in no one, can predict what future
investment will or can do. That’s why you will read in the disclosure you sign
when using a retirement planning counselor, ‘future performance is not
guarantee of past performance’ or something to that affect.

Don’t hesitate to view your retirement planning counselor
and their credentials. If you don’t see them on a wall, etc, ask to see them
and don’t be shy to interview this or these persons (if a team) before you
settle to use their services.

Remember, a retirement planning counselor is there to
advise, manage and be objective for you with your money. Your future retirement
planning counselor is in your hands. Do your due diligence.

Can you say….Charles Ponzi, Bernard  Madoff, Sarah
Howe, Reed Slatkin, Lou Pearlman or Michael Eugene Kelly?